Miner Brigade | Lemmings-Like Gold Digging
iPhone + iPod + Android

Miner Brigade is a product by Noble Master Games. Visit Noble Master for games & more. Also check out our multiplayer strategy game Aevum Obscurum.

iPhone & iPod Download

Miner Brigade runs on all Apple iPod and iPhone devices. Download Miner Brigade from the iTunes Store. Minimum iPhone OS version required: 2.2.1.

» Miner Brigade (full, $2.99)
» Miner Brigade Lite (free)

Android Download

Miner Brigade runs on Google Android compatible phones. Please download the game from the Android Market. Minimum Android OS version required: 1.0.

Desktop Version for Windows, Macintosh & Linux

There currently is no desktop version available. Please email us if you would like to see this game appear as a PC, Macintosh & Linux version.