Miner Brigade | Lemmings-Like Gold Digging
iPhone + iPod + Android

Miner Brigade is a product by Noble Master Games. Visit Noble Master for games & more. Also check out our multiplayer strategy game Aevum Obscurum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Miner Brigade?
Miner Brigade is a Lemmings-like action game where each level requires you to collect Gold and Rubidium to advance to the next stage.

How much does Miner Brigade cost?
Miner Brigade Lite is free but limited to 5 levels. The full version is available in the iTunes Store and Android Market.

How can I download Miner Brigade?
You will need an iPhone, iPod or Google Android compatible phone.

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Feel free to link back to Miner Brigade so your users are aware of this unique experience.

<a href="http://www.minerbrigade.com/">Miner Brigade<a>